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Project 365: Day 44

Happy Birthday Mizu!!!!!



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Woohoo~ I got my salary for October.

YayYay.. It’s not a big sum of money but I’m really very happy and very much motivated!!! =)

The money will be save for my dreams. Still a long long way to go.. Add oil!!!! ^^


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I am so happy. I was chatting with him moments ago and he was viewing web cam with me, showing me his new haircut. He was complaining a lot about it but to me he still look great with the so called ugly hairstyle.

Some occasional conversation like this would made my day. I’ll stay happy for a very long time. I don’t put in high hopes this time, instead I just take it as something ordinary, just let-it-be. After being indecisive for quite a long time, I finally came to this conclusion. I don’t want to miss a single chance especially when the feeling is still there. He told me to grab each and every single chance, because each chance cost you. That’s true. I understand him better since that.

It seems that I am re-addicted to him again. This time, I would not let him know because I have my own planning. Haha. Whether successful or not, I think I’ll have no more regrets.

So, his birthday is coming soon. I mean real soon. I plan to get him some presents. Any suggestions? I’m totally out of idea edi. Please help me out. =)


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I seems to be overjoyed these few days.

But today, 31st October 2008, 11.44pm.

The sweetest moment ever.

Omg. I don’t know how long I have not been seeing you.

Thanks to the advancement of technology and internet. 

Although not face to face, but at least there’re some images. *bliss*

Nothing more I could ask for. Thanks god. 


The feeling is indescribable, hmm.. just like a little girl hugging her favorite teddy?

I don’t-know.



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Kinda abandoned. Haha =p

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The training.

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I’m just like an unofficial student of USM. I’m currently undergoing the 3-months training in Center for Drug Research (CDR) of USM. This is actually a very good chance for me to experience the life of an local uni student. The greatest difference is the distance of walk. The campus is so huge! Walking from one corner to another under the hot sun almost killed me. This is the time where I loved FES so so much. *hearts*


This is where I will be working for the next 11 weeks. The center is sharing the same building with the school of pharmacy and the students there are nicely dressed in formal.

So, the first day, I saw no familiar faces. All the other trainees are seniors of Y2S2, most are from Biochemistry. Luckily, they are all very friendly and we get along quite well. First of all, we were briefed about the work that we need to perform during the training period. That’s a lot more than what I have been expecting. According to the training coordinator whom I refer to as Dr. S, we have to do literature research before hand, handling projects and a final presentation in front of the professors and postgraduates. Omg Omg. How am I going to survive such harsh training?? Moreover, I’ve visited the labs and found out that what I’ve learnt so far may not be very helpful. Because, they are doing researches and the machines and instrument are so so complex and sophisticated, something I’ve never came across before. So, I guess I need to put in more efforts.

Me and another senior are assigned to Dr. N, a ‘nice young man’. Hehe. I don’t know if he’s really nice. I only get to meet him on the second day. The first two days are kinda boring actually. No work are assigned and I was busy traveling to and froth the hostel and the campus, helping the seniors to settle their accommodation. And now, they have finally settled down. *relieved*

Isshh.. I am so lazy. Lazy to go to work everyday. Lack of motivation arr.. Sien Sien Sien.

I tried to meet up with Jhu but every time we missed out. Never mind, there’ll be a chance some day. ^^

Oh ya.. I got a job as Yakult promoter, working on this and next weekends. The pay is RM65 per day. Wee Wee~

Nothing much to blog this while as I said before, life’s dull and boring. Hope to travel to some nice places and capture capture nice pics. Wait till the training end first. =(